Am I Rent Stabilized? website revisions

I’ve put some more work into the site and it can now be viewed live at I’ve adjusted the layout to be responsive so that it will load on mobile devices and various screen sizes. The site now works as a single page that takes the user through full-screen “slides” or steps. This design decision was in keeping with my goal of keeping the site very minimal and easy to use. Ultimately some final touches are still needed and more user testing will help determine how to best implement them.

User Testing

My colleague Crystal Tong user tested the website and gave me some good feedback:

I love the wording. It was really friendly, and approachable and kept my curiosity going.

I like the singular flow of the page. And the payoff of reading and going through everything was great.

It kept me curious because I found out my building is rent stabilized. Which led me to ask a lot of questions, like I know certain laws allow apartments to be rent stabilized because that tenant has been there for years, and if they move out and the landlord remodels, then he/she is allowed to increase the price. and if it’s above $2500, then it’s considered a luxury building, so I wonder if that law applies to me.

So while this is a great great prototype, to push this further, I think I’m looking for more payoff, such as getting my questions answered, and bringing me to a FAQ page. and if it’s difficult to get my questions answered, could you direct me to some NGO’s that handle landlord, tenant rights issues based on my neighborhood?

Some misc feedback:

Can I see a timeline of how long this process is? a timeline on the right hand side of where I am in this process.

First have them check here too!
- I expected a sharing capability.

  1. Can I have an example of an email of what I should say? like a template?

  2. Can you open the governments form in a separate tab please

Two of things Crystal pointed out are on the to-do list for the site:

  1. An FAQ would be extremely useful for a user who has further questions about rent regulation in NYC. Even explaining the terminology such as what is rent control vs. rent stabilized would be helpful.

  2. Providing links to other resources to the user such as tenants rights groups in various NYC boroughs would be very helpful. Once the website is complete I intend to share it with such groups so that they can invite people to use it.

Other options such as being able to share via social media, opening links in new tabs and a progress bar on the side of the site would be beneficial as well.