Conceptual Module Workout

The goal of the conceptual module is to develop a clear explanation for how you expect others to understand the work you are doing.

  • How does this conceptual module change for each of the stakeholders addressed in the evaluative module?

  • Given what you consider successful in your thesis, what is the overall concept that will drive this success?

  • also an opportunity to reflect on the prior four modules

  • and to organize the information developed in the prior four modules

Part I

  1. Spend a few moments reviewing your approach to the four prior modules.

For each module:

  • What could you revisit?
  • What information was missing?
  • What information was too detailed?
  1. Spend a few moments reviewing the prototypes you made for each module.
  • What prototypes should you revisit?
  • Given the current state of your thesis, how might the modules influence a new prototype?
  1. Discuss the ways in which your understanding of the modules have changed over time how can they be effectively used to organize your proposals

Part II

  1. Discuss your final prototype for the term
  • How can you integrate the considerations of your prior module work into a new prototype.
  • What goals might be derived from this new prototype? What do you want to learn from a prototype about the conceptual aspects of your work?
  1. Develop a set of “priority points” that must fit within your final thesis proposal.
  • What issues must be included in your final thesis proposal?
  1. Where does “Design” and “Technology” fit into your thesis concept?

Part III

Plan a final prototype

  • Plan a prototype that helps to exemplify or examine the conceptual module. Be sure to include some discussion of how you will document the prototype and/or it’s development.

  • This SHOULD be a comprehensive examination. It can be a small intervention or experiment but should integrate the important issues discovered in the prior 4 modules to reveal the conceptual basis for your work and the project you would like to do in the coming Spring term.

  • You should plan to deploy, test, and iterate this prototype at least one time before presenting it.